Water Efficiency


  • Our Approach To Water Management

Water scarcity is ubiquitous where we operate in South Africa. Many of our facilities are located in water-stressed catchments while climate change is projected to increase water stress in many South African catchments that are of key importance to food production. Optimising our water consumption through the evaluation of water re-use opportunities and responsible effluent discharges is part of our commitment and our environmental stewardship strategy.

To achieve our target to reduce water consumption by 25 percent by 2025 and an annual year-on-year reduction in water-use intensity, we have placed extra emphasis on efforts to drive water savings and launched various water efficiency programmes to improve performance of our most-water intensive operations.

Water is a key ingredient to many of our products and processes. We recognise that we have a responsibility to promote responsible water use throughout our operations, and also to encourage our suppliers to do the same. We have focused on enhancing agricultural water efficiency programmes with suppliers specifically for water-intensive crops, such as tomatoes, beans, fruits and sugarcane.

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