Nurturing our environment


Deeply rooted in South African soil, Tiger Brands has invested in the nourishing of our people for almost a 100 years. As a revered FMCG company, we are committed to safeguarding the future of the planet that has served us so well. This future is increasingly threatened by the damage that has been caused to our environment and the natural resources that sustain us all. Our consumption habits and the lifestyles we’ve embraced are resulting in a world vastly different from one that existed less than a century ago. Sparked by a growing understanding of how industries are negatively impacting the environment, we have prioritised environmental sustainability, ensuring our operations adhere strictly to all relevant environmental regulations. We want to ensure that our environmental footprint is positive, and that every action we take today will build a more sustainable future for our consumers and the communities around us. To this end, our key focus areas are water efficiency, waste reduction and energy efficiency. We have set targets and through focused strategy and execution, our vision is coming to fruition.

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