Nurturing our environment


Healthy ecosystems are the foundation of a secure food supply. We rely directly on this natural capital to create value through our business and are concerned about ecological the decline in the food systems where we operate and from where we source agricultural commodities.

Our strategy is focused on improving environmental performance in key areas and provides a framework to address the priorities we have identified in our current organisational and external environment include:

1. Optimising our energy use and reducing emissions
2. Optimising water consumption and effluent
3. Innovating packaging solutions
4. Minimise waste through a circular economy

Our environmental control system covers policies and procedures, responsibilities and accountabilities for environmental management, reporting, environmental legal compliance, waste, water, energy, pollution, recycling, climate change, continuous improvement and monitoring and performance measurement of systems.

In our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint through innovative solutions, we have set targets and stretch targets to ensure we live up to our promise. We have also formed partnerships with key industry bodies and have aligned our efforts to global initiatives.

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