As a South African company that recently celebrated its centenary, Tiger Brands’ success is tied to the prosperity of society.

We are one of the largest food producers on the African continent and are actively working towards achieving greater food security where we operate while building an inclusive economy. Through our Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes, Tiger Brands is focused on growing black suppliers within the value and supply chain of the company to create jobs and drive inclusive growth.

ESD is central to the strategic future of the company, as Tiger Brands aims to increase its procurement spend with black agriculture and non-agricultural enterprises, secure agricultural food supply within South Africa through localised sourcing, and develop production and financial capacity of black-owned enterprises through the provision of procurement access, financial and technical support.

Our Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes that support the development of direct and indirect suppliers include

The Dipuno Enterprise and Supplier Development Fund is a R100 million fund that provides liquidity support for black-owned direct and indirect suppliers, black smallholder farming enterprises, and black distributors who have secured procurement opportunities with Tiger Brands.
The Market Access Accelerator is an incubation support initiative that drives the support of black-owned and black women-owned enterprises to commercialise their businesses and expose them to market opportunities. The support includes business training, compliance support, business governance, and technical support, tendering, and bid support to enable them to access procurement opportunities within Tiger Brands supply chain, value chain, and distribution chain.
The Agriculture Aggregator model increases the number of participating black small-scale farmers participating in the Tiger Brands value chain, by having these farmers work directly with an aggregator, that provides technical and management skills. Experienced farmers that have access to more than 100ha of arable land, have the opportunity to get direct offtake contracts through the Smallholder Development Support Programme.
The Channel Development Programme aims to provide capacity building support to emerging black distributors to enable them to drive the distribution of Tiger Brands products in underserviced markets. These markets include informal/spaza markets, sector-focused distribution, township food services, and private sector food services suppliers.
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