Nurturing Sustainable Communities


As a business we have a lot to be proud of, but we are always working towards having a greater and more sustainable story to tell. A mammoth challenge that South Africa faces is that of inequality and an economy that is not sufficiently diversified. At Tiger Brands we have taken it upon ourselves to rectify this by directly engaging with the country’s transformation agenda.

We support social transformation by advancing broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE) and other initiatives. Our aim is to achieve a level 4 contributor status by 2022. We also want to help build sustainable entrepreneurs and improve our relationships with our stakeholders internally and externally.

We believe there are two ways to get people economically active – affording them the opportunity to work in a business, or empowering them to own a business. We’re making the effort to develop the operational and financial capacity of black-owned and black women-owned enterprises to become part of our value chain.

The focus areas for Enterprise and Supply Development are as follows:

Procurement - Black Farmer Development and Agroprocessing - Developing participation of black owned businesses in the agricultural supply chain and General Supply Development

Channel Development - Transforming the product distribution chain with a focus on black product distributors and micro-distributors

Business Incubation Support

Tiger Brands has initiated a business incubation support initiative which will drive supporting of black-owned and black women owned enterprises in the business pre-start up, start-up and early growth stage that need intensive business development support to commercialise their businesses. The support will include business training, compliance support, business governance and technical support, tendering and bid support to enable them to access procurement opportunities within Tiger Brands supply chain, value chain and distribution chain.

The Smallholder Farmer programme

The issues of food security and sustainability are critical; couple to this our growing population and you have the makings of a perfect storm. The Smallholder Farmer programme seeks to recruit, develop and transact with emerging farmers, offering support and mentorship to ensure that the farms themselves are sustainable.

Since Tiger Brands is a large consumer of agri-products in South Africa, this programme is an excellent opportunity for us to assist in the development of the emerging farmer sector, to hold the organisation’s procurement processes accountable and to offer opportunities that allow black entrepreneurs to also be players in the game.

The Enterprise and Supply Development (ESD) Fund

The R50m Dipuno Fund is currently being established by Tiger Brands to drive our Enterprise and Supplier Development agenda. Its will aid in financing and providing liquidity to black-owned and black women- owned small enterprises and black smallholder farmers. The Dipuno Fund will play an active role in providing debt financing to strategic start-ups and existing black owned and black women owned small enterprises, as well as black smallholder farmers that will be participating in Tiger Brands supply chain, value chain and distribution chain.

Additionally, the Dipuno Fund will provide post investment non-financial support to build operational and financial skills capacity of invested enterprises.

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