Plates4Days is the flagship university nutrition programme powered by Tiger Brands, in proud partnership with some of South Africa’s universities.

Poised to address the serious issue of hunger across our campuses, the programme was established in 2008 with just one university, but has over the years blossomed to include the following institutions of higher learning:

  • Nelson Mandela University - 1100 students
  • Three North West University campuses:
  • Vaal - 90
  • Potchefstroom - 342
  • Mahikeng - 291
  • University of Free State - 500
  • University of Johannesburg - 500 students
  • University of the Western Cape - 500 students
  • University of the Witwatersrand - 1138 students

The Story…

The South African youth want to further their education but many are unable to due to various challenges faced. Many come from under-privileged households or lack the funding to pay tuition and other related expenses.

They are then forced to take out loans. This further perpetuates the poverty cycle as once they receive their formal qualifications; they are over-burdened with loan repayments.

In a cycle of debt and cash flow shortage, Tiger Brands alleviates the stress of having to think about how to pay for food, questioning "where am I getting my next meal” and allows students to focus on their studies.

Tiger Brands cannot take away the strain of financial pressures and tuition fees, but we can take away the stress of getting food and sustenance each month.

The food hamper provided is designed to sustain the students for a full month, and contains some of our most iconic product brands which many grew up with, such as:

  • Morvite
  • Ace Quick Cook Super Maize Meal
  • Tastic Rice
  • Fattis & Monis Macaroni
  • Koo Chakalaka
  • Koo Mixed Vegetables
  • Koo Baked Beans
  • Black Cat Peanut Butter

Why “Plates4Days”?

“Plates” referring to the many meals that one a recipient is able to make from one donated package.

“4Days” literally refers to the fact that the package can last for many days, as well as relates to trending student terminology.

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