1 Introduction

Tiger Brands recognises it’s talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. We are committed to recruiting and retaining a talented workforce that is truly representative of all sections of society, our consumer base, and the varied environments in which we conduct business around the world. We believe in leveraging diverse capabilities, experiences and perspectives of our people at all levels of the company in all that we do to ensure a sustainable business growth and performance. Tiger Brands also aims is to create and maintain an inclusive and collaborative workplace culture where each employee is treated with respect and able to give their best.

2 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the principles, accountabilities and responsibilities for implementing, monitoring, reviewing and reporting on diversity, equity and inclusion at Tiger Brands. The policy has been developed to safe-guard Tiger Brands, its employees, operations, reputation and to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements associated with workplace diversity, equity and inclusion within the environment in which it operates.

3 Scope of the Policy

This Policy applies to all employees, temporary employees, contractors, service providers and consultants of Tiger Brands Limited, including all Tiger Brands Limited wholly owned subsidiaries within South Africa and outside of South Africa, but excludes its associate companies.

4 Objective and Outcomes

The objective of this policy is to communicate the requirements and guidelines for:

  • Creating a positive and inclusive working environment for all employees and customers.
  • Protecting all employees from being discriminated against because of one or more of the characteristics that apply to them.
  • Providing equal opportunity for everyone in the workforce, no matter their background or characteristics.
  • Ensuring and promoting diversity and inclusion in the Tiger Brands workforce.

5 Policy Statement

This policy sets out the principles for users with responsibilities for living by and/or implementing any of the diversity, equity and inclusion requirements and guidelines specified in this policy.

5.1. Tiger Brands commits to:

5.1.1 Principle 1: Diversity, Equity and Fairness

  • Creating a culture where diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is respected and adopted as a good practice because it makes business sense, and it is the right thing to do, given the history of the country.
  • Working towards achieving equitable representation of designated groups across all occupational level and categories, in order to redress the inequities of the country’s past.
  • Ensuring fairness and respect for all in our employment, whether temporary, part-time or full-time.

5.1.2 Principle 2: No Discrimination

  • Discouraging any unlawful discrimination of an employee, contractor or customer due to characteristics such as race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), age, gender, gender reassignment, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, HIV/AIDS status, religious beliefs, marital status, disability, political opinion, language, experience or any other arbitrary grounds.
  • Opposing and avoiding all forms of unlawful discrimination. This includes in attraction, recruitment and selection for employment, pay and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, medical and psychometric testing, dealing with grievances and discipline, dismissal, redundancy, reasonable accommodation, career advancement (succession planning and promotion), training or other developmental opportunities.

5.1.3 Principle 3: No Bullying and Harassment

  • Creating a working environment free of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, promoting dignity and respect for all, and an environment where individual differences and the contributions of all staff are recognised and valued.

5.2. This commitment includes:

  • Training all staff and line managers about their rights and responsibilities under the diversity, equity and inclusion policy.
  • Responsibilities include staff and line managers committing themselves to helping the organisation provide equal opportunities in employment, and prevent bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination.
  • All employees should understand that they, as well as Tiger Brands, can be held liable for acts of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination, during their employment with Tiger Brands, against fellow employees, customers, suppliers and the public.
  • Tiger Brands will take seriously complaints of bullying, harassment, victimisation and unlawful discrimination by fellow employees, customers, suppliers, visitors, the public and any others in the course of the company’s work activities.
  • Such acts will be dealt with as misconduct under the company’s grievance and/or disciplinary procedures, and any appropriate action will be taken. Particularly serious complaints could amount to gross misconduct and lead to dismissal without notice.
  • Further, sexual harassment may amount to both an employment rights matter and a criminal matter, such as in sexual assault allegations. In addition, harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 – which is not limited to circumstances where harassment relates to a protected characteristic – is a criminal offence. This section should be read in conjunction to the Tiger Brands Sexual Harassment Policy & Procedures for more information.
  • Tiger Brands will provide opportunities for training, development and progress available to all employees, who will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential, so their talents and resources can be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.
  • Decisions concerning employees will be based on merit (apart from in any necessary and limited exemptions and exceptions allowed under equity related legislations)
  • The Company will review employment practices and procedures when necessary to ensure fairness and update them and the policy to take account of changes in the law.
  • The Company will monitor and report on the make-up of the workforce to meet legislative requirements of the environment where the business is operating in.
  • Monitoring will also include assessing how this policy, and any related plan(s), are working in practice, reviewing them annually, and considering and acting to address any issues identified.

6 Accountabilities and Responsibilities

6.1 Tiger Brands Board of Directors Although ultimate accountability for Diversity and Equity resides with the Tiger Brands Board of Directors, the Board of Directors has delegated authority to the CEO and the CHRO to act on its behalf in matters relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The board will monitor activities relating to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through the Tiger Brands Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee.
6.2 Tiger Brands Executive Committee Management is responsible to ensure their staff and third parties are aware and comply with this policy and other related policies.
6.3 Functional Areas within Tiger Brands Responsibilities

  • The business, as the owner of talent employed at Tiger Brands is accountable for:
  • i. Ensuring that the culture and practices within their areas are in line with this policy.
  • ii. Addressing compliance and non-compliance of this policy in their respective business areas.
  • iii. Identifying and appointing key role players involved in implementing guidelines of this policy in their daily operations. iv. Monitoring and tracking the status of compliance within their business areas and providing regular updates at the relevant governance forums.

6.4 People and Organisational Effectiveness Director Responsibilities

  • Primarily responsible for driving and maturing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programme within the organisation.
  • Develops and maintains the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework and ensures that this policy supports the Tiger Brands business strategy, remains fit for purpose and practical for implementation.

6.5 Employment Equity and Skills Committees Responsibilities of the Employment Equity and Skills Committees are as follows:

  • To promote awareness of the policy, and practices and controls.
  • To escalate any issues or incidents to the relevant Governance forums.
  • To drive business specific implementation of the policy into their respective areas.
  • To track and monitor progress of the organisations employment equity and skills development programme against set objectives and targets 

6.6 Human Resources Enables Management in executing the requirements of this policy.
6.7 Employees and Third Parties All employees and third parties have a responsibility to comply with the principles defined in this policy and to report violations and / or non-compliance with this policy. Third parties are contractually obligated to comply with this policy. And non-compliance will be addressed in accordance with these contractual requirements.

7 Related Policies and Standards

7.1 Tiger Brands Appointment to the Board of Directors Policy
7.2 Tiger Brands Bursary Policy
7.3 Tiger Brands Employee Referral Scheme Policy
7.4 Tiger Brands Employee Relations Policy
7.5 Tiger Brands HIV/AIDS Policy
7.6 Tiger Brands Learning and Development Policy
7.7 Tiger Brands Procurement/ Broad Based Black Empowerment Policy
7.8 Tiger Brands Recruitment and Selection Policy
7.9 Tiger Brands Remuneration Policy
7.10 Tiger Brands Retrenchment Policy
7.11 Tiger Brands Sexual Harassment Policy
7.12 Tiger Brands Talent Policy
7.13 Tiger Brands Human Rights Policy
7.14 Tiger Brands Code of Ethics

8 Compliance, Monitoring and Reporting

8.1 Users are required to familiarise and fully comply with this Policy.
8.2 Any User who fails to comply with the provisions as set out above or any amendment thereto, may be subject to appropriate disciplinary or legal action.
8.3 Tiger Brands’ policies, standards, procedures and guidelines comply with legal, regulatory and statutory requirements. 8.4 This Policy may be amended from time to time in the sole discretion of Tiger Brands.
8.5 In the case of contractors or service provider representatives, immediate remediation must be sought in line with any contractual agreement or binding usage policy.
8.6 Legal action may be instituted where deemed necessary.

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