Jungle Oats drink


Tiger Brands strengthens response to consumer growth platforms with first in local market - Jungle Oats Drink range

Consumers want affordable products offering health benefits and convenient snacking

Johannesburg. 26 October 2023. Tiger Brands continues to accelerate innovation, commercialisation and execution of its growth platforms focused on consumer trends towards health and nutrition, snackification and affordable food options, with the launch of its ready-to-drink (RTD) Jungle Oat Drink range, a first of its kind in the local market.   

Jungle Oats drink

“There are valuable opportunities for business and brand growth in strengthening our strategic focus on consumer preferences that are growing in momentum and driving purchasing choices, by delivering market-leading and innovative solutions to meet these needs, through our portfolio of loved billion-rand brands”, says Zayd Abrahams, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Tiger Brands.
The Jungle Oats RTD range also meets the growing need amongst consumers for foods that are convenient and offer functional benefits such as heart and digestive wellness. A recent study by consumer research organisations, Kantar and Mintel, indicates that more than half of consumers would like their diet to help maintain health and wellbeing including brain function and immunity. 

The study also concludes that close to 80% of South Africans value affordable foods made with natural ingredients. 

“Jungle’s roots lie in the belief that health is wealth. One hundred and three years since the founding of the brand, we continue to build on the trust and love for Jungle by bringing to market products which serve our consumers’ needs for health and nutrition, affordability and quick and easy snacking,” - Dumo Mfini, Category Managing Director: Superfoods* at Tiger Brands. 

The Jungle Oat RTD range is a functional breakfast or snack with five flavours offering specific functional benefits: 
1. Original – contributes to heart wellness. 
2. Banana – supports normal brain function.
3. Mixed Berries – contributing to the normal function of the immune system. 
4. Chocolate – maintenance of normal muscle function. 
5. Toffee Caramel – contributes to digestive wellbeing.

A plant-based on-the-go snack, the Jungle Oat Drink range is the only one of its kind in the local market. 

Oats as a Superfood* 
Oats, the basis of the Jungle Oat Drink range, are considered a natural superfood because they are made of 100% whole grain requiring minimal processing, and contain vitamins, minerals, and fibre. 

“Superfoods are increasingly sought-after by health-conscious consumers for their high nutritional density and beneficial ingredients, as well as being able to keep them fuller for longer,” says Mfini.  

*includes Jungle, pulses and sorghum-based products


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