Smart FAQ's

BuySmart FAQ’s

1. What is BuySmart?

BuySmart is a Tiger Consumer Brands Limited (“Tiger Brands”) loyalty & rewards platform. You will engage with BuySmart via WhatsApp. You will be able to upload photos of your till slips via the BuySmart bot and receive points for your purchases. A certain number of points will be assigned per product based on the product value. When you achieve a certain number of points, you will be able to access the BuySmart rewards store and “purchase” rewards with your BuySmart points. Rewards will be sent to the you as a digital voucher and the amount of points needed to “purchase” the reward will be deducted from your points balance.

2. How do I join BuySmart?

You will initiate a WhatsApp message to the bot and receive a response in the form of a menu of offerings the bot can action. Before you can access the items in the menu you must opt-in to the platform by adding your phone number and agree to the platform T&Cs and future communications from Tiger Brands. The T&C’s will be available on Once you have opted in, You will then be sent a menu items to choose from (like a USSD string). Once you select a menu item you will be sent information about that menu item.

3. What are the menu items BuySmart will show me ?

1. Explain the whole thing to me
2. BuySmart Promos
3. Scan my receipt to earn points
4. Spend my points
5. View my points balance
6. My Profile

4. What does “Explain the whole thing to me” mean?

You will be able to request more information about how BuySmart works and the bot will respond with a detailed description of how the platform works and how you should engage with it.

5. What does “Promos” mean?

You will be able to request information about the specials running on BuySmart and the bot will respond with the specials currently running. Specials would be products with many points associated with your purchase for a selected period.

6. What does “Scan my receipt to earn points” mean?

You can submit a photo of your till slip directly onto the BuySmart bot. You must ensure the photo is legible. If the photo is not legible, you will receive a message asking you to please resend a better-quality version of the photo. Tiger Brands shall not be liable for any technical issues including network issues. You will receive a message thanking you for the upload and telling you that you will get confirmation/ feedback on how many points you have earned within 72 hours of the upload.

1. If rejected, you will receive a message saying you’re till slip was not valid.
2. If approved, you will be sent a message thanking you for your submission and telling you how many points you have been awarded.

7. What does “Spend my points” mean?

You will be able to view available rewards on the bot. This will show you a list of rewards available and how many BuySmart points required to purchase these rewards. Rewards will be purchased with BuySmart points. You will receive the rewards as a digital voucher. Once you have selected your reward, the number of points associated with that reward will be deducted from your points balance and the reward will be sent to you.

8. What does “View my points balance” mean?

Your points will be stored in the system against your cell phone number. This option will allow you to request your points balance, the bot will respond with a message detailing the number of points you have accumulated.

9. What does “My Profile” mean?

You will be able to go into your profile and Pot Out of communications from BuySmart

10. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Contact the Tiger Brands consumer care line:
0860 005 342

11. Why was my till slip rejected?

Your till slip photo must be clear and legible. It must also show your BuySmart products clearly and the unique till slip number. If these things are not clearly shown, your till slip will be rejected. If you submit a slip more than once, the duplicate slips will be rejected.

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